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Matt Jeffs

Host and Physical Therapist--Matt Jeffs, DPT, PSM, CEAS--combines seasoned skills in public speaking, broadcasting and leadership with award-winning clinical excellence in sports, orthopedics and industrial medicine. His extraordinary experience allows Dr. Jeffs to provide successful, verifiable work-injury reduction and cost containment strategies to corporate clientele.

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Ability On Demand

What Makes AOD Unique

As an independent contractor on-demand, Matt Jeffs DPT is a 30+ year educator, ergonomist, consultant and clinician. As an award-winning Doctor of Physical Therapy, he has successfully rehabilitated >25,000 individuals.

As Lean Ergonomist with >12,000 hours of direct industrial experience, he is credentialed with the State of Florida’s 5,000-company strong Manufacturing Extension Program. Dr. Jeffs also served as Workforce Education Director for a robust 300-company Regional Manufacturers Association.

As a work-injury reduction consultant, he has operated successfully across the US in paper plants, food processing plants, boat builders, meat processing plants, theme parks, airplane builders, medical device plants, automotive builders, product assembly plants, high rise office settings, healthcare delivery settings, US defense contractors and more. From national accounts to neighborhood outfits – and everything in between.

Dr. Jeffs is also a doctoral-level lecturer at multiple universities and for global governments. He is internationally sought to address worldwide conferences, professional associations, trade groups, private companies and executive summits. Inquiries are always welcome.

Our Clients Make a Difference:

"Thank you to The Back School and specifically Matt Jeffs DPT, PSM, REAS for making this a possibility! I earned my REAS certification and have advanced my skills with remote ergonomic assessments."

Crystal Nelson OTR / L

Occupational Therapist at Fargo Ergonomics

Industry Veteran

Physical Therapist

Knowledgable & Reliable

Professional & Experienced

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