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Matt Jeffs

Host and Physical Therapist--Matt Jeffs, DPT, PSM, CEAS--combines seasoned skills in public speaking, broadcasting and leadership with award-winning clinical excellence in sports, orthopedics and industrial medicine. His extraordinary experience allows Dr. Jeffs to provide successful, verifiable work-injury reduction and cost containment strategies to corporate clientele.

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What Makes AOD Unique

Public speaking, broadcasting and leadership. Award-winning clinical excellence in sports / orthopedics rehab and industrial medicine. Verifiable work-injury reduction and risk mitigation. Serving business-to-business, business-to-provider, and business-to-consumer formats.

International Ergonomics faculty with the European Union. Nationally sought in the US to address colleges, universities, professional associations, trade groups, companies and executive summits.

Principal Faculty at The Back School. National Faculty at Summit Professional Education. Ergonomics and Fitness Courses designed for hands-on assessment experience at technical colleges. Not just lecture. Full practical immersion.

Our Clients Make a Difference:

"Thank you to The Back School and specifically Matt Jeffs DPT, PSM, REAS for making this a possibility! I earned my REAS certification and have advanced my skills with remote ergonomic assessments."

Crystal Nelson OTR / L

Occupational Therapist at Fargo Ergonomics

Industry Veteran

Physical Therapist

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