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Matt Jeffs

Host and Physical Therapist--Matt Jeffs, DPT, PSM, CEAS--combines seasoned skills in public speaking, broadcasting and leadership with award-winning clinical excellence in sports, orthopedics and industrial medicine. His extraordinary experience allows Dr. Jeffs to provide successful, verifiable work-injury reduction and cost containment strategies to corporate clientele.

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In the realm of Environmental Health & Safety (EHS), Dr. Jeffs holds a Principles of Safety Management (PSM) designation with 22 professional certifications from the Florida Association of Safety Councils (FASC). These disciplines include: Incident Investigation and Reporting; Loss Control Foundations and Applications; Workers Compensation Management; OSHA Recordkeeping; Employment Screening; Emergency Planning & Management; Safety Program Development; Ergonomics, and more.

Armed with two professional clinical degrees in physical therapy and licensed in two states (FL and NC) with over 25 years of clinical and management experience, Dr. Jeffs has directly overseen the successful rehabilitation of well in excess of 20,000 individuals in the clinical setting. As a Lean Practitioner equipped with over 12,000 hours of direct onsite experience serving clients in corporate and industrial settings, Dr. Jeffs applies continuous improvement methodology to all onsite projects and processes. 

Corporate leaders and academic colleagues seek out Dr. Jeffs for sound advisement and reliable solutions to the evolving patterns of a fluid, dynamic workplace. He is regularly sought to address colleges, universities, professional associations, trade groups and executive summits to convey his philosophy and applications for successful work-injury prevention, cost-containment and workforce optimization.


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